Diamond Heist


Elmo Hood

'Diamond Heist" 35.5x25.5cm" playing card collage on canavas board
*The frame above is for decorative display purposes only.
Please contact us for actual framing capabilities and prices.
  • Size
  • 35.5x25.5cm
  • Price
  • £1,600.00

Playing card collage on a canvas board.

Product Description

Playing card collage on a canvas board.


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About the Artist

Elmo Hood

Born in Southampton in 1989 and a resident of London, England since 2010; Elmo Hood is one of the most promising and exciting painters to arrive on the art scene in recent years. Self taught, he turned to painting as coping mechanism after a family bereavement in 2011 – and hasn’t looked back. Working in […]
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