Stick This Roller Up My Arse


Art is Trash

Art is Trash_Stick This Roller Up My Arse_£300
*The frame above is for decorative display purposes only.
Please contact us for actual framing capabilities and prices.
  • Size
  • 9x41cm
  • Price
  • £300.00

Acrylics on canvas.

Product Description

Acrylics on canvas.


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About the Artist

Art is Trash

Art Is Trash – El Arte Es Basura – is the a.k.a. of Francisco de Pajaro, a globe-trotting street and urban contemporary artist from Barcelona, whose art reflects genuine devotion to mother nature.  Initially, El Arte Es Basura channeled as Francisco’s war scream as an artist. Today, Art Is Trash is the hypnotic hand that […]
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