Art is Trash

Art Is Trash – El Arte Es Basura – is the a.k.a. of Francisco de Pajaro, a globe-trotting street and urban contemporary artist from Barcelona, whose art reflects genuine devotion to mother nature.  Initially, El Arte Es Basura channeled as Francisco’s war scream as an artist. Today, Art Is Trash is the hypnotic hand that resuscitates the cadavers of hyper consumerism – the trash – back to fruition in our current, material, state of consciousness.  The process behind every installation is a ritual, similar to a shamanic one.  A ritual of connection with Mother Nature, where life of matter is a cycle that never ends. Francisco’s work reflects the analogy that exists between the life cycle of the objects and that of physical bodies. Both never cease to exist. They continue to live in parallel realities.  The cadavers of consumerism live a new life in the urban, artistic realm. 

Offspring of a family that owned a banner business, Francisco was brought up in a creative world making signs, posters, decorative painting, cryptography, publicity, and murals.  Despite his current success, he feels uncomfortable to be called an artist. He would rather be seen as a worker, the same as a doctor or an electrician; someone who learnt how to make art, and gives life to the images that spontaneously come out of his head.

Art is trash is the materialisation of Francisco’s artistic memories. A process similar to that of other beings who painted their surroundings on stone or caves, impromptu.  Francisco sees Art Is Trash as the process of re-composing fragments from his recollections, aesthetically and spontaneously. A sequence that unfolds thanks to the interaction with the audience, that gathers at the time of the installation and inspires and fills Francisco with gratitude.  “I like it when people enjoy my art and the surprise and happiness that it gives them”, says Francisco. “Like trash, though, my art on the street is ephemeral and so when someone decides to take a piece from the street into their homes I feel they are somehow misinterpreting the concept behind my art”.

Art is Trash has astounded not only passersby in the streets of London, Berlin, Nantes, France, Dubai, Barcelona, New York, Chicago and Miami, but also gallery owners and art curators who are hungry for straightforward, instinctive and honest artists who love taking things that society considers ugly and making them beautiful or fun. His work speaks explicitly to the public, denouncing corruption and abuse of power, and also demanding our reaction. Art is Trash’s work has been exhibited in renowned specialist galleries in London and Barcelona and Dubai