Henry Hate

Henry Hate is a London based visual artist & tattoo artist whom works from both his tattoo studio in Shoreditch East London, and his art studio in Bermondsey south east London. He escaped family life and joined the army, but never took to authority. He was to enroll at Savannah Collage of Art & Design to study Illustration, when he found himself working in a brothel to help pay the bills.

Early on in his career he found himself working for Durk Dehner of The Tom Of Finland Foundation while broke in Hollywood. Henry took an a tattoo apprenticeship at Funny Farm Tattoo in Silver Lake Los Angeles, while also working in the adult film indistry. His tattoo work is visible on the likes of Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Boy George, Comedian David Cross, Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand, Pete Doherty and Preston of The Ordinary Boys to name just a few. Cultivating work in both commercial and media print, while still maintaining his D.I.Y. ethic learned in the early queercore / punk rock days as a youth. Stepping outside the box of the tattoo world that has brought him much success, he is now shifting into the world of fine art. Recent projects have found him working along side renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight. His art was turned into edible chocolate respected Belgium chocolatier Dominique Persoone. He has worked with brands Opal Nera, Converse, Nissan Motors, Oliver Sweeney Shoes, and Diagio/Justerini & Brooks, and of course the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Henry Hate’s work reflects his fascination with Sin and Salvation, Damnation and Redemption, Consumption and Corruption. Veiwing the world at large with a mixture of classic art, pop art, and contemporary urban art. Henry pays homage to the masters before him who’ve inspired him and his work. Creating in varied mediums from sculpture, photography, painting and printmaking, his subjects range from religion, sexuality, identity, appropriation and iconoclasm from the outside perspective. His use of bold bright colours, grapple with a world engulfed by mass consumerisim, human taboos, the misconceptions of the marginalised,,and the viciousness of mankinds persuit of power. and the He lives in Notting Hill West London with his partner and their dog, Maybelline.