Nick Dillon

I started painting around 10 years ago, at first, as a hobby, I wanted to see if I could still paint and create the ideas that I had when I was much younger but never seemed to finish what I started. After finally finishing a painting and hanging it on the wall, the reaction I received was positive and this encouraged me to want to paint more.
Now, after those 10 years, I have managed to establish my own unique style, but I still try to recreate more styles.

My main objective is to create a piece of work that is a one off, a textured piece of art that really cannot be printed due to the layers and the texture on the canvas. The image alone can always be printed, but the original texture and almost 3D style that comes up from the canvas is unique to every painting I do.

Another method is to use wire and enamel to create a silhouette style image. This is a piece of wire, shaped and placed onto the canvas followed by enamel paint being poured into the shape created.

I have just recently created a new method using the same styles but with a ‘double effect’ whereby, I can create an image on one side of the canvas and with added light, completely change the dynamics of the image to create a completely different picture.

The majority of my work is described as Pop Art. Music and Sport are my main subjects.
Due to the uniqueness of my work, I am often commissioned to complete pieces that are sometimes very well known to others or that are very personal to the client.

I have held exhibitions in many galleries in the UK and more recently had a large solo exhibition in central London.
I have had commissioned pieces for more well known clients ranging from premier league players to Rock stars and Athletes

I was brought up in Stretford , Manchester, which reflects the music and sporting influences in my work. I now have studio and live in Billericay.