Nicolas Dixon

The artist’s hand draws influence from the Jungian concept of “collective unconscious”, using strong lines and bold colours to create a Rorschach test with an opaque stained glass aesthetic. Myriad familiar shapes advance and retreat from each piece, splicing artist’s intent with viewer’s imagination.

Nicolas Dixon doesn’t tell you what to see in his paintings, preferring instead to share a few glimpses from his own paddling in the pools of human knowledge. Gazing into these devotional works – areligious, yet deeply spiritual – observers are encouraged to extract meaning entirely personal to themselves, while the smattering of discernible shapes Nicolas scatters here and there remind us that we are not alone in our musings.

Nicolas took his first conscious steps onto the artist’s path at Leeds College of Music, where his passion for music production and
his skills as a DJ culminated in two years on Thailand’s paradisiac party island, Kho Pha Ngan, providing the soundtrack to many of the region’s famed Full Moon parties.

The caprice of Fortuna took Nicolas to Germany in the name of love, and when – as Goethe put it – love came to nothing, back to his hometown of Leeds in the name of a fresh start.

Encouraged by friend and artist Mikey Brain, Nicolas began to realise a new passion; visual art. Initially collaborating with Mikey under the portmanteau moniker ‘DickBrain’, the pair produced a logo for New York’s famous ‘River Light Film Festival’, which was selected from over 300 other entries in a global competition.

Nicolas developed a style that caught many an eye, including that of Dutch House producer NY Stomp, who commissioned Nicolas to create the artwork for his ‘The Illusion of Liberty’ EP. In 2012, organisers behind TheRaindbowVenues commissioned Nicolas to paint a large-scale mural to freshen up their much-loved venue; an intrinsic part of Birmingham’s underground music scene. The artist had found a new path.