Stephen Bliss

Pioneering British artist Stephen Bliss worked as Senior Artist for Rockstar Games from 2001 to 2016, where he helped establish the illustrative styles for the video game, phenomenon Grand Theft Auto.

In a career that spans 3 decades, 2016 saw him return to his roots as a fine artist. His work has been exhibited in many international galleries, and his commissioned murals in Miami and New York won him recent acclaim.

In early 2017 Bliss did a TED talk called The Power of the Palimpsest, showing how for the past decade he’s been documenting ‘accidental art’ that he finds around the streets of New York and how it has informed his personal work.

2017 has also seen him creating posters for legendary band The Pixies, the Tupac movie All Eyez on Me and Charlize Theron action movie Atomic Blonde. Recently his work has been animated for a Wicked Redds beer ad campaign and his 2 new online stores featuring his clothing labels Bliss Brood and Arcade are about to be launched (available in stores in 2018). Upcoming events include talks at the Brazilian Gameshow in October and a solo art show “The Mystery of Doomed Romance” at Westbank Gallery, London (opening night Oct.19).

December sees him back in the cherry picker painting a mural at Miami Art Basel.