Trafford Parsons

As a boy I must have been bitten by radio active spiders from space equipped with a venom that acted as supper conductive growth hormone to the playful, creative artistic side of my brain and atrophied the logical conformist side..

My Artistic influences start with Laurence Alloway’s British Pop art manifesto describing the long front of culture. Finding this essay was one of the best bits of studying at Goldsmiths, it perfectly described the post-punk mischief and satire of my work..

Its easy to see why I’m drawn to the rebellion of talking about my artwork in terms of Pop art, as POP is such an anti fashionable reference in the same way I was drawn to capture the word “Disco” to describe the ironically upbeat Dark funky underground DJ style, notorious in Manchester in the clubs Carwash UFO and Funkademia where I also play the music/DJ.

It is fun of inventing overly complex new categories for art like post-ironic post industrial international Sub graffiti influenced low brow avent guard.

Making up new words is a way to employ art critics, and people who went to art schools which could be a good thing but are we just going round in ever decreasing circles. As long as you don’t expect me to agree with you, then you are entirely free to call my work whatever you want to ..

I do like the words Pop surrealism and low brow art but as I totally dig Laurence Alloway and the independent group, I call what I do POP ART or better still New Pop ART .

The word new always makes a thing seem more Disco.

Kevin Rollands “if you’re so anti fashion why not wear flairs”