The Dreamers – Pam Glew

4 Oct 2017 - 18 Oct 2017

A brand new Solo Show by Pam Glew

Join us at 6.30pm on Wednesday 4th October for the opening night of ‘The Dreamers’ – The first showcase of her new paintings on collaged panels.

RSVP to guestlist@londonwestbank.com to attend on the night.

6:30PM on 4th October 2017 : Westbank 3-5 Thorpe Close, W10 5XL, London


‘The Dreamers’ – Pam Glew Solo Show

Painted on a mix of flags and national textiles, ‘The Dreamers’ appear to be sleeping or day dreaming, perhaps contemplating an alternative reality away from current global turmoil.

Glew’s new work embraces diversity in world cultures, and utilises world textiles and juxtaposed heritage fabrics. Oriental shop aprons, national flag fragments and vintage curios become the colour block backgrounds for this vivid new series of paintings.

Portraits of young models with mixed heritage are backdropped on richly patterned panels, with a flavour of magic carpets. The political unrest of the past 12 months in which Glew has made this work is evident, yet the work is jubilant in both colour palette and pattern.

The fall of the cult of celebrity is also reflected by the choice of lesser known models, the young Millennial Generation, appear to be assessing the viewer with slyly critical eyes, or sleeping and zoning out. They appear knowingly jaded beyond their years and mentally preparing for the challenges of the future. The new series is both visually engaging and reflective of Generation Y’s predicament in the modern world.

Pam Glew has exhibited internationally in Miami, New York, LA, London, Sydney and Berlin, alongside such artist as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Peter Blake. Her work has appeared in print publications including Le Monde (France), The Telegraph (UK) and Qvest Magazine (Germany) and Neo 2 Magazine (Spain).

The artist has produced commissions for Armani, MTV and Microsoft and has collaborated with photographer Terry O’Neill. Her work is housed in Saatchi London, Red Bull Studios and Mitsubishi Bank and can be found in private collections worldwide.