The Mystery of Doomed Romance

19 Oct 2017 - 19 Nov 2017




Pioneering British artist Stephen Bliss is making a much welcome return to the UK this autumn, with ‘The Mystery of Doomed Romance’; his first show in nearly a decade. The exhibition will launch on 19th October at Westbank gallery, situated in the heart of Portobello.  The return marks a significant moment for the artist whose portfolio includes defining the illustrative styles for Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar , as well as music collaborations with Massive Attack, and more recently Tupac movie ‘All Eyez on Me’.


‘The Mystery of Doomed Romance’ will showcase the symbiotic relationship between humour and darkness; with each piece telling a gripping story filled with sex, love, misery and humour.  Inspired by his own relationships; Bliss uses  his insight to create a compelling narrative around each character. 


Bliss uses a technique he describes as “Frankensteining”, which is the process of taking disparate, sometimes incompatible, parts of images and piecing them together to make a coherent whole. It not only relates to the way he constructs the backdrops for each painting, by ripping down sections of posters from the streets around NYC and artfully reconstructing them, but also the way he creates subjects for the paintings by mixing together meticulously researched images and cultural references into his own strange and beautiful amalgamation.

Stephen Bliss says: “A lot of my pieces contain a narrative, with various details giving clues to the nature of strained or forgotten relationships. I’ve recently been collecting vintage love letters (found in flea markets) and have been painting snippets of the letters onto the paper, provoking the viewer to imagine the love stories of people long dead.”

Opening night on the 19th October 2017

Running until end of November



Instagram: @Stephen_Bliss


To attend the opening night email the Westbank Gallery on guestlist@londonwestbank.com

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About the Artist

Stephen Bliss

Pioneering British artist Stephen Bliss worked as Senior Artist for Rockstar Games from 2001 to 2016, where he helped establish the illustrative styles for the video game, phenomenon Grand Theft Auto. In a career that spans 3 decades, 2016 saw him return to his roots as a fine artist. His work has been exhibited in […]
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