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Fundraiser – Thank U Cancer

Auction to help raise funds for a dear friend of the gallery. There is no greater cause than life itself and this is exactly that.

Thanks loads to all the artists who donated a piece for this great cause, we couldn’t have done it without your help Tom ‘Inkie’ Bingle Kimberley Thomas Chris Boyle Phil Bedford Daniel Syrett Ben Allen Georgie Painter Pat Tutton Elmo Hood – Artist Paul McGowan Trafford Parsons Otto Schade Angus McBob

Here is a link for the catalog of pieces on auction:

Send your offers (sensible bids only please) to the winners with the highest bids will be announced next week.

We will ask the winning bidder to pledge the amount directly to ThankUCancer in return for the piece the bid is on.


Resistance Tech Itch @ Westbank

Amazing night at Westbank at one of the first Drum and Bass events held at Westbank Music.


Google saves Banksy’s Miserables mural

27 January 2016

A new artwork painted by artist Banksy on the treatment of people in the Calais camp known as the Jungle has been removed from a site in Knightsbridge, London opposite the French Embassy.

Before its removal, Google decided to preserve it digitally for its Cultural Institute Project and Street View to allow other people to see the work.