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Classic & Flavoured Mojitos £9.50

A double shot of Bacardi Rum, makes this Lime and Mint combination a classic, add fruit for more flavour.

“Please ask your bartender for options”

Classic & Flavored Margaritas £9.50

A cocktail claimed by many, Mexican of course, Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice.

“Not for the faint hearted”

Classic & Flavored Caipirinha £8.50

A double shot of fine Brazilian Cachaca, mixed with lime, sugar syrup and ice, simple but effective!!!!

Daiquiri £8.50

Legendary 19th century drink Served in different fruit combinations. Bacardi Gold Rum, lime and sugar.

“Please ask your bartender for options”

Mai Tai £9.50

This triple flavored Rum classic is a must; Maita’I is the Tahitian word for “Good”, 2 rums shaken with lemon juice, orgreat and grenadine, served on ice with a dark rum float.

Westbank Mango Mojitos £8.50

A double shot of Duppy Share Rum, makes this Lime, Mango and Mint combination a thing to remember.

Cosmopolitan £8.50

The Cosmo became popular in the 1980s in Manhattan, created where and by who is subject to debate. New Amsterdam Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry juice and lime.

Old Fashioned £11.00

Created for Colonel James E Pepper, Louisville Kentucky. The philosophy of this classic is to tame the bourbon. Possibly the first drink to be called a cocktail, Makers Mark, Bitters and sugar.

Manhattan £9.50

Created in 1874 for Lady Churchill. Mother of the great Winston Churchill, whilst attending a banquet in Manhattan. Bourbon, Vermouth, Bitters



Strawberry’le £9.50

New Amsterdam Vodka, lemonchello, strawberry finish off with prosecco on the top.

Raspberry Mule £9.50

Created in Paris 1925. This fresh sophisticated drink is as timeless as Paris itself.

Tanqueray Gin, Lime juice, sugar and Prosecco.

Bellini £9.50

The ultimate decadent drink, a fruit of choice, plus liqueur, with Prosecco floated on top, please choose from: Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Passionfruit.

Champagne Cocktail £11.00

Created in New York City 1889, by John Dougherty, Originally named “Business Brace”

Champagne, Sugar, Bitters and Cognac

Negroni £9.50

A short triple classic, a great mixture of Gin, Campari and Martini Rosso, makes for a refreshing drink!!!



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