About Us

Founded in 2010 as a contemporary art gallery in a disused 19th century bank, headed by curator Paul Dizzi Saunders. Offering an original and eclectic collection of post-street, urban, modern & contemporary artworks.

Westbank is unusual in that the vast majority of the artists' works on exhibit are produced by living artists. As a result the working process is oriented towards exhibiting not only the artworks but the practice and method behind the production of the artworks and the context of the artists within contemporary culture.


About the Curator

Raised from a young age by London’s underground culture, with over 30 years of promoting & events experience starting in his teens, Paul has consistently investigated and reinvented the cultural scenes of London. Now behind award-winning concepts and ground breaking events, with a long history in the rave and club scene, his roots, has built many successful establishments, bringing together many different strands of urban culture and artistic expression and combining them into a greater movement.

After searching for some time for a suitable London site, a neoclassical semi-derelict bank in the heart of west London was uncovered and the London Westbank Gallery was born, working not just as an exhibition space but as a creative centre, the catacombs housing a fully multi media production complex, the gallery working as a studio space where the public can engage with the actual process and ongoing evolution of street / contemporary art.

In 2015 Dizzi is putting on a relentless schedule of over 20 gallery shows a year in addition to quarterly high profile touring / pop-up shows of urban art in unorthadox high profile locations, london westbank closed 2013 with Smile Britannia's debut – the first street art auction to be held in the houses of parliament, raising nearly £100,000 for charity, with the premier showcase event featuring Fatboy Slim.